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I've been to the interior. Believe me that you don't want to go there. All you find is: 内

Words from The EDICT Dictionary File:


Sentences from The Tanaka Corpus:
あの女の子は内気どころではない。 That girl is far from being shy.
手の内を見せるな。 Don't show them your hand.
手の内を見せるべきです。 You should lay your cards out on the table.

So for no other reason than because I can, I went searching what gambling is like in Japan. From the looks of things they have most of the general gambling stuff we have here. Sports gambling and lottery are there. The one thing that's missing is casinos. None. Well not at least in the legal sense. Another popular type of gambling is pachinko. Large areas where people get little balls and drop them into the top of machines. It drops down, bouncing off of pegs, and lands in bins. Hit the correct bin and you get more balls. At the end of the day you can go to the counter and exchange your balls for prizes! It is noted that the balls cannot be turned in for money, but that doesn't stop you from selling your prizes.
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