Currently in the neighboring apartment making way too much noise: 音

Words from The EDICT Dictionary File:


Sentences from The Tanaka Corpus:
ラジオの音を小さくしなさい。 Turn down the radio.
音をたてるな。 Don't make a noise.
そのテレビの音は大きすぎる。 That TV is too loud.
その音はだんだん小さくなっていった。 The sound grew fainter and fainter.

Two interesting words today. The first is 五十音 (ごじゅうおん), which is something akin to how we say the alphabet in English. We always say abcdefg… but the Japanese have a table set up for it. This was really neat to stumble across and makes all those tables for the kana make a little more sense (it was all common sense, just nice to get confirmation).

The second word of interest is 本音 (ほんね). This basicly means real feelings or true meaning or motive. On a side note, I like how a book's sound is taken to mean a persons true feelings. Seems while looking this word up I came across this article. Interesting stuff, and it led me to this article.

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