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Coming down the street with the other ten thousand people in the parade: 万

Words from The EDICT Dictionary File:


Sentences from The Tanaka Corpus:
1万円でたりる。 The thousand yen will do?
1万円では足が出る。 Ten thousand yen will not cover the expenses.
この大学には1万人の学生がいる。 There are ten thousand students in this university.
それは1万円ぐらいするだろう。 It will cost around 10000 yen.
万一ハイジャックにあったらどうしますか。 What if hijackers should appear?

One of the words for today is 万が一 (まんがいつ). The definition for it is basically if somehow or worst case. It's would literally translate as 10,000 to 1. When thinking of English, I keep thinking a million to one would mean the same thing. Maybe I just like to exaggerate a lot.

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