Falling from the clouds in the sky: 雨


Today's Sentence:
When it rains it pours!

So I found something else to make these posts even more helpful to me and maybe even to you! The Tanaka Corpus! It is a HUGE database of (aprox. 212,000) example sentences in Japanese with it's English translation. So I have added it to my kanji finding program so it will now search through The Tanaka Corpus as well.  You can see some of the new sentences for today below (tomorrow's post will have them under the kanji).

雨もようだ。 It looks rainy.
雨らしい。 It feels like rain.
やっと雨がやんだ。 The rain stopped at last.
ロンドンは雨でしたか。 Was it rainy in London?
木のおかげで雨にぬれずにすんだ。 The trees covered me from rain.

Now unlike the words, I will only include a couple of the sentences. I'm thinking at most five.

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