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No compound words today.

やれやれ、一つですか。 そうね。 俺たちは前に行けますよ。(Well, well, only one? Oh well. We'll have to go ahead.)
The last sentence would make a lot more sense if I had used 邁進する (push forward/work vigorously towards an aim), but I wanted to see what I could come up with without resorting to a dictionary.

Worms, huh? A quick google search brings up two topics for "Japanese Worms." One is simply an email worm that was going around in 2002.  The other is a burger joint in Japan that served worms on their burgers.  All the links I can find like to the Waiwai section of Mainichi. Truth or not, I can't verify. Seems like there is stranger cuisine out there so I suppose it's possible but I wouldn't bet my lunch on it.

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