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Showing up smelling like a rose: 花



Today's sentence:
We should get together with some flowers and practice ikebana.

Now I should warn you that today I'm going to have to bring in some anime. Geeky? Yes, but that's okay cause that pretty much describes me.

So today we get the kanji of flowers and the word of ikebana. You can read about it here. Basicly it is Japanese flower arrangement something akin to banzai trees. A quick flickr search shows some really nice examples. Very cool stuff.

So here is where the anime comes in. While looking over today's words I saw ikebana and instantly thought of Golden Boy. The anime was PG-13 so keep that in mind. One of the episodes dealt with an udan shop and the daughter of the owner practiced it. Yes, Golden Boy was that good. It's a tad perverted, so if that's your kind of comedy, by all means, watch it!

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