Congratulations! You've found my introduction post. Unfortunately there are no prizes for this.

So what will I be doing on this blog? Well, quite a few things actually and then possibly some more with a side order of coleslaw. Here's a list of a couple of things I may/may not/possibly/never/canned artichoke/sometimes post about here:
  • Learning Japanese (日本語を勉強する)
  • Photography (Imagine the greatest picture you have ever seen. You probably won't see it here. That would be copyright infringement.)
  • Biking (A good way to get out of the house. Well, I would get out of the house and then start biking. At least while the wife is home. After that…)
  • Ol' pen and paper rpg's (10'x10' room, we meet again!)
  • echo $programming; //echo out the programming variable
  • Family oddities (I often feel like the oddest of the group but then Aunt Ethyl starts looking scared and muttering something about tin foil and garden gnomes again)
  • Random number generators (look I rolled a 0.43845591239450553)
  • Video games (YASD)
  • Other random tidbits of interesting stuff I find (now with 100% more random bits of tid)
So what does all this mean? As the posts get posted, fed, burned, commented on, edited, deleted, loathed, lauded, printed and packed into a ball to throw, cached, used as liner in a litter box, forgotten, rediscovered, turned into song, ignored, translated, and finally made into a Sunday morning cartoon, we may find it is all a lot of worthless dribble.

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