The world into which our pcs have headlong plunged themselves into, to put it mildly, has a couple problems. A simple restraining order was broken and now I wonder why the pcs haven't found some powerful lich and joined the party. That's what the pcs are, a bunch of party poopers. Pshhh, always squabbling about no longer breathing, loss of a personal consciousness, bones showing, etc…

Just before the last adventure the pcs acquired a small glass globe that has a magical disease that will get rid of most, if not all, of the undead traipsing around the world. Eventually they found out about a cave system that went under all those pesky undead and would pop them up right in the middle of the infestation. Personally, finding myself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse would put a rather big downer on my day. These people go looking for it! The begin their quest to bring a fragile, glass, magical globe with humanities greatest need contained inside, through a bunch of rocks to a set place. They come up to an underground waterfall that falls about two hundred feet or so. The cave system goes around this and at many points opens onto this waterfall. Oh and then there is the goblins. PCs engage. Unbeknown to the players, there is a small cell of dwarves that live in hidden caves in the area. The fight the pcs ended up in caused the dwarves to open a secret door and let the pcs escape certain doom.  The pcs ended up retreating into the hidden caves.

So what went right?
  • A right hand turn.
  • The players seemed interested in what was going on.  I think I added enough description and added npcs that caught their attention.
  • To get the game going faster I used the paraphrase method of movement. Basically me rambling on about scenery and the hardships faced for a minute or two. Then the action happens.
The meh.
  • I came up with a fair amount of back story and character development for the npcs that I am quite sure will never get used. Better to be over prepared than rely on random quest generators at the drop of a hat.
Bad. Bad. Bad.
  • Ok I was bad. A bad DM, a bad person and someone my mother will probably never talk to again. I railroaded the players. Normally I don't do this. Honest! Now I'm all for giving the players something they need to do and having them go along or kind of prodding them in a direction. This was nothing like that. I had it in my head to get them to retreat with the dwarves to the safety of the hidden caves. Silly me. The players I have really like to take on fights so they were prepared to stay for the whole fight.  Now I just about tripled the number of called for goblins at their level. They still stayed. So I simply started adding guys coming from around the bend in the cave. It soon became obvious that I wanted the players to retreat. So how should I fix this? Well, I think there are many different options (hindsight is always 20/20). I could have had a collapsed portion of the cave or have the dwarves convince them to come with them. Maybe even just let them continue without even talking to the dwarves.
Overall I was happy with the nights game. Not quite the kid in a candy store with pockets loaded down with quarters and hundred dollar bills. More like the the parent that sent the kid into the candy store.  Happy that the kid is happy, but something is not quite right. Looking forward to the next adventure with my plans for that glass globe, muhahahaha, um, cough.

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