A while ago in the days gone by I had a blog. I know, hard to believe this mild mannered dork had a blog. Well let me tell you, I am no longer a mild mannered dork. I am now a super duper dork. I even hosted the blog all by myself. I may have even posted bi-annually. Problem was it really was a blog with one reader. Well, to get technical my one reader was my dog and she can't even read. So in the spirit of roleplaying (imagine me in the finest robes of satin and gold, goofy looking shoes and the dumbest grin on my face) I say, "Ideas of, grapthok neenop boop beep, come to the future!"

Back in the day I had written posts that recapped the campaign adventures I was running. They were entertaining to go back and read (I may post some of them at a later date). The most interesting part about these posts is I would list out the parts of the night that went well and also the parts that I believe weren't up to par or went just horribly wrong. I started doing this because I was not getting the best feedback from the players. Often it would be along the lines of, "Yeah it was fun." So to kick this off (yup, I'm still in my robe) let's recap the campaign that the players find themselves in.

Now imagine a world of yor, with a duck, a few sword, some magic, a few really crazy player characters and a an even crazier dm. The players find themselves on a large continent. So large, in fact, that it extends off the edges of a single sheet of paper! The continent is named Myghal. Why that name? I think some online random name generator came up with it. Those things are so helpful when pcs suddenly ask the name of some unimportant no name guy. Now there is the civilized part of the world. Well at least there was a civilized portion of the world but more on that later. In the middle of this area there is an undead forest that was just teaming with undead. We're talking apocalyptic numbers. So many that if they started making zombie movies they would have near infinite amount of actors to play the zombies. Luckily for the world there was an order of monks that very early into the settling of this part of the world made a pact with the undead.  The pact basically went something like this: Don't eat us and we won't go in your forest. Awesome. The rest of the place is divided into four sections. To the north, the frost plains.  West, it gets a tad hot as volcanoes.  South is a bunch of hills inhabited by a bunch of giants.  Lastly, flanking the east. Weighing in at some astronomical number of lemurs. That's right.  The infamous Malorian ocean!

Here is the map of the place.  It may be hard to see the town of Penance which was overrun when the forest expanded.

Wheh. Now that that long description of the world is over we have the obvious.  Yeah, those rascally pcs attacked the undead. Not many of them. Just a couple. A couple small ones.

I originally planned on having all this plus the last adventure description plus the good, not so great and bad, but I seem to have rambled a bit to much. So, to pad the amount of posts I have, and also because of the fact that my dentist just pulled my tooth, I need to split it up.  Look forward (at lest I hope your looking forward with rapt attention to the point of ignoring the rest of the world) to the next post of:

The good and the not so great with bad making a cameo!

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