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Being carried in on a jewel encrusted tissue box by none other than a pure bred poodle: 火 水 木



Time to remove the fire from the woods and add a little water but only on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

This weekend… This weekend… I think it's time for some serious partying! Whoops, nope, I meant studying.
 Yeah, studying.

I have also pulled out my Genki books and plan on interspersing some Japanese in with these posts. Worry not about what I will be typing, mine readers, for I shall be scripting the English version of anything I write in Japanese aside to it. This will make sure you know what I'm saying but also at the same time allow you to comment on how close I am to a correct translation. Well I suppose, if there are some mistakes in what I'm writing in Japanese things could get a bit confusing. But, hey, better to make mistakes now and simply start using Japanese then to languash in the bowels of something that doesn't ever practice Japanese. I'm thinking sarlacc pit. Actualy, according to the wikipedia article the thing may have some intellegence. So who knows, even that may practice Japanese on its days off.

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