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Coming in at number 六, the crazy three: 千 中 人




We seem to find ourselves in the middle of a thousand people. Why only a thousand you ask? I think it has something to do with the kanji for today. It might be the amount of times I will need to practice these kanji at a bare minimum to have them imprinted on my brain with the permanence of an over sized sharpie. Another possibility has to do with paintings.

Whatever the case, I have been sorting my kanji cards I have so I can start practicing randomly writing the kanji. I had thought about practicing the kanji by writing them on a shark with bio degradable, non harmful, orderless, colorless, dull as all get out pens, but that seemed not only silly but dangerous. So I think I will stick with my cards. You can see the ones I have here.

I use the cards by looking at the kanji side and saying what it means and pronouncing it. Then to practice writing I simply turn all the cards around and look at the pronunciations and meaning and then write the kanji. With a little work, some construction paper and pens that probably shouldn't be used on sharks, you should be able to make your own cards. I used to do that and it was completely doable. Guess I just liked the shiny cards.

Here is my practice sheet. Blue was me looking at the kanji and writing it, while the red was looking at the definition and drawing the kanji.

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