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Today's kanji: 七 八 九

Not to be left out in the bitter cold that exists at the bottom of posts, the new words:



七五三 (wow, that's kind of an interesting one.)

OK. Lets get the kanji out of the way this time. Seven, eight, nine. Alright, do writing practice. Done.

Now that those kanji are out of the way we can look at the rather interesting word 七五三. When I started this, all of those arduously long tree days ago, I wasn't thinking I would get such totally tubular words so gosh darn fast. Surprise! Go here and see if you can guess what the word is referring to.

Now that you've got all your guessing out of the way here is the Wikipedia article. How cool is that! I can't wait for other random words like this.

Here is my practice sheet for the day:

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