Today's kanji: 四 五 六





Look!  There are more than six lines in those! Practicing yesterdays kanji was a bit tedious. It still helped with making sure they looked proportional though. I'm here to say that a poorly drawn 三 looks more like the footprint of a three-toed sloth than anything else.

Now what to do for these kanji. I thought about another random story but all I could come up with "…four, shut the door. Five, six pick up sticks. …" but it just seemed so, well, taken out of context.  A lost story fragment lost in the blogging æther. I felt I wouldn't subject you or the story fragment to that.

So here's what I'm gonna do. First I'm going to get some paper, a small poodle, duct tape, pocky,  a nickle, 6 dimes, seven quarters and a few colored pencils. Then I will have fun writing out those kanji, each in a different color, overlapping them and turning the paper while I write and then post the results. Well, as can be seen above, I finished the practice and have uploaded it. Looks nice but I think I should keep adding days onto it until I can't see what I'm writing.

Now some of you may be saying this was done by someone before or you could be saying "Look at the time!  I need to be on the moon in fifteen minutes." It looked cool and I wanted to see if my results were any good. I also have searched hi, low, 右, 左, and even googled it but I can not find where I had seen that. Please comment if you know where I can find that so I can put a link here.

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