Kanji, 漢字, kanji (as written in Italian). Those beautiful pictograms. Some embrace their loving curves and intricacies while others curse them for the sheer number of them and similarities they have to each other. My take on them: these things are the coolest thing since the invention of head phones! Possibly even cooler. Cool as stuff created well before that. Sliced bread comes to mind for some reason. What also comes to mind is where am I going to find a buffalo at this time of night.

I've heard that there are an infinite amount of kanji. This is according to a great Japanese professor I had once. He would say at the beginning of the 16th daily class, "I've seen an infinite amount of various 四's. So write them legibly so we bring it down to one." Now, to be serious, I've only had one Japanese professor and he never said that. The point is, there are only so many that we need to learn. While that number may seem insurmountable, remember this: pan seared tuna does not come to those who eat at a place that doesn't serve pan seared tuna. Wait, while that is probably true, we probably want something like this: 2000.

That's right! 2000. If you were to take 2000 seconds you would have about 33 minutes. Doesn't seem like much now does it. 2000 is the approximate about of kanji that needs to be learned to be "fluent" in Japanese. This, of course, doesn't count grammar points, sentence structure and the myriad of other things needed.

To get going on this I plan on writing up a short post each day (well at least have one scheduled for posting each day) that has a couple/few kanji in it. To make it interesting I will be taking the words from the edict file that can be made from that days kanji, list all the words that can be made with the current and past kanji that have the (P) marker.  The (P) marker means the word is one of the common words used in Japanese.  To make it even more interesting I will be writing each one while riding a buffalo named Bill.

RSS feed for daily kanji only: right here.

I have added sentences into the mix by using this technique with The Tanaka Corpus.

List of daily kanji posts:
Day 一
Day 二
Day 三
Day 四
Day 五
Day 六
Day 七
Day 八
Day 九
Day 十
Day 十一
Day 十二
Day 十三
Day 十四
Day 十五
Day 十六
Day 十七
Day 十八
Day 十九
Day 二十
Day 二十一
Day 二十二
Day 二十三
Day 二十四
Day 二十五
Day 二十六
Day 二十七
Day 二十八
Day 二十九
Day 三十
Day 三十一
Day 三十二
Day 三十三
Day 三十四
Day 三十五
Day 三十六
Day 三十七
Day 三十八
Day 三十九
Day 四十
Day 四十一
Day 四十二
Day 四十三
Day 四十四
Day 四十五
Day 四十六

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