Felt Q650 bicycle on Tom river, Siberia.Image via Wikipedia
Led by a gross of white chargers: 村  林  校




There is a school in the village that learns about the surrounding forest.

So I have come to a decision. It seems that life has gotten a little busy on me as of late. Now before you start beating your monitor with a halibut, I am not stopping the daily kanji. Just slowing it down a bit. Until I can catch up on the kanji I will be doing a single kanji in each post. Now I have the next few days kanji and words already run, so the single kanji posts will start on Monday. Till then I return you to your regularly schedualed kanji (which is on channel 4 by the way).

One thing I like to do is ride my bike. Especially to work (course it rained today so that didn't quite happen). So I also keep up on a little cycling news. One of the more recent stories was a guy who rode his bike across Canada. He made and entire video for it that was pretty entertaining to watch. You can find it here. A quick look for it found a bunch of other people who have done it too. Google'll get those for ya. So I thought "I wonder if anyone has biked across Japan?" Well, there seems to be an 8 year old that is currently doing it. This is just too cool! Read up about it here and go to the blog for updates here. Oh, and yes I did add the feed to my reader to keep up on this!

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