The first of many, potato salads. My wife makes these really tasty ones and usually uses two ingredients. Sometimes even three! To start she draws all these lines and puts the taters on them. Not the lines, mind you, but on the top of wild cement mixers. All three of them. Finding these cement mixers takes the two of us working as one. She then removes them, takes them into the kitchen and starts cooking. The results of all this work, one tasty bowl of potato salad!

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "What the F..."

Let's just skip that thought and get to why that paragraph came into being. That story is completely made up. Why? I wrote that to bring up the kanji I would be listing today and couldn't come up with anything better to start this off with. No really, if I had thought of anything better I would have used it. Just listing them seemed too bland and Bill's ideas all sucked. Then there was the plane, bouncy balls, glue and blindfold. Let's just say it didn't end well. I will always remember my brave little RC plane.

So without further ado, 一 二 三.

Now I had thought I would list out all of the readings, but it seems silly now. I would suggest either looking them up on Jim Breen's WWWJDIC or use Firefox and get the rikaichan plugin. I use the later.

Now I know this is going to seem silly to write these kanji out, but try them at least a couple times each. A few thousand should do. At least this will get you into the swing of things. I will be doing my practice today as well.

Words that we have so far:

一々 or 一一



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